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Raise your hand if this sounds familiar?

  • Constant demand on your time at work and at home fill your day, it’s hard to find time to just be.

  •  You know self-care is important, but you never prioritize it.

  • Self-help books and podcasts give good advice, but you never try it out.

  •  Everybody gives you different advice, and you don't know where to start.

  • You’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way, something is missing but you can’t put your finger on it.

  • You experience the same issues again and again, stuck in a cycle of repetitive behavior.

  • You want better relationships, but something has to change and you don’t what that is.

  • You want to feel better, more peaceful and connected and experience personal growth.

What is Wisdom Whisper?

Represents your connection with your deepest authentic self, intuition, soul, and spirit.

The little whisper you get, the feeling in your gut, your innate inner wisdom guiding you as you navigate your day-to-day.

An excellent tool to find your way back to yourself.

Mindfully examine and learn more about your likes, dislikes, reactions, and behavioral patterns.

Reconnecting with your authentic self, and your own inner Wisdom Whisper.

Wisdom Whisper Journaling Membership comes from my desire to help you on your journey of self-discovery.

woman journaling by a window

Journaling can help you:

- Rediscover your inner strengths.

- Overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk.

- Discover hidden talents, and spark creativity.

- Break free from limiting beliefs.

- Embrace gratitude and compassion.

- Restore belief in yourself like never before.

Why journaling is a holistic activity.

  • Gain insight.

    Gain insight into yourself.

    An easy and great way to get to know yourself better. It allows you to discover patterns and trends in your behavior.

  • Reduce stress.

    An effective way to reduce stress and increase mental health. You have an outlet for negative thoughts and a way to work through stressful situations.

  • Release emotions.

    A way to channel and release built-up emotions, so you don't end up expressing them in an unhelpful way!

  • Achieve goals.

    Track progress and challenges when working towards a goal. It can help you understand what is working for you and what is not.

  • Spark creativity.

    Get in touch with your unconscious mind. Contrary to popular belief, creativity requires structure and a relaxed mindset to flourish and journaling provides just that.

  • Brain dump.

    There are huge mental benefits in letting it all out. It can help you take the load off by letting all the stuff that is bordering you out. You have your own personal support available every day.

  • Limiting beliefs.

    Break free from limiting beliefs.

    Helps you challenge and reframe those beliefs that might hold you back, as they come to light when you write.

  • Positive mindset.

    Cultivate a positive mindset.

    Journaling with an open mind and no judgment can help you embrace gratitude, positivity, and self-compassion.

If not now, then when?

Your guide to deeper self-knowledge and inner connection. Join a membership that guides you to

create a rich & personal journaling practice, pursue the life you deserve, and unleash your full potential.


"This was just what I needed, finally, a self-transformation journey that made sense to me."

— Lisbeth

older woman journaling by a window

Live your life with intention!

To live with intention makes all the difference.

Find your intention and purpose. What lights you up, and feel more confident to live life your way.

I believe that you are the expert in your own life. You just need a little help to uncover what is holding you back.

No matter what stage you are at in life, journaling with a well-thought-out structure gets you to the next step to become a better version of yourself.

woman holding a cup of tea with both hands

Get ready to sit down with a cup of tea.

Let go of not knowing what to journal about, lacking inspiration, and trying to journal without a plan.

Get the Wisdom Whisper journal every month. A little self-care gift, filled with the fun of discovering new sides of yourself.

For as little as under €7 a month you get:

Monthly journal.

Each month you receive a brand new journal, aligned with seasonal and lunar energies, with a curated personal growth theme.

30+ journal prompts.

Daily journal prompts to inspire and motivate you to dig deeper and seek clarity, and new perspectives.

30+ Affirmations.

Daily affirmations aligned with lunar energies to enhance and support your personal growth.

Step by step approach.

The monthly journals follow the seasons (Northern Hemisphere) Creating a step-by-step transformation, personal growth, and development process.

(You can start at any time during the year.)

Mobile wallpaper.

Get 2 wallpaper images with quotes and/or affirmations for your phone. Use as a daily reminder of the monthly self-care focus.


Get extra journal and mindfulness gifts and tools over the year to sustain your transformational journey.

3 Usage Options.

PDF journal available in 2 Sizes A4 and US letter format for your choice of printing or digital use.

The PDF is interlinked and can be used on any electronic device or be printed for manual use.

Free Journaling Guide.

(yearly plan only)

With the Yearly membership plan, you get my Journaling Guide for Free when you sign up.

The Wisdom Whisper pack.

(yearly plan only)

With the Yearly membership plan, you get "The Wisdom Whisper Journal pack".

Here you can collect the monthly journals into one cohesive journal with interlinked monthly tabs, inspirational quotes, and mindfulness rituals for each month.

+ 2 months discount on yearly plan!

When you join the Yearly plan I'll give you a 2-month discount as incitement to take action now and commit!

What's inside the monthly journal....

mockup electronic journal on tablet

  • PDF Digital Journal
  • 46 pages interlinked
  • How to use this journal
  • Setting your intension
  • How to journal consistently
  • 31 Daily Journal Prompts
  • 31 Daily Affirmations
  • Reflection pages
  • Inspirational quotes

journal pages

Bonus on the yearly plan.....

journal pages

The Wisdom Whisper Journal Pack

  • 50+ pages interlinked
  • How to use this journal
  • 12 monthly chapters
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Set your monthly intension
  • Monthly mindfulness rituals
  • DIY affirmation page
journal pages

The Journaling Guide

  • 50+ pages
  • What is Journaling?
  • How to start?
  • The In's and Out's of journaling
  • Write with intention
  • Journaling for healing
  • Writing exercises
  • 7-Day journaling Challenge
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • and more...
photo collage women journaling

Easy and straight forward

without all the fluff!

No information overload, no 100 hours of video to watch and multiple exercises to complete. I’ve made your journey as clear and powerful as possible.


I give you the same tools and guidance I use with my private clients to transform their lives from overwhelm to serenity and fulfillment.

Easily accessible, straight to the point. How much and how long – you choose. Simply having read the daily prompt and affirmation will influence the path you are on.


"I'm more self-aware now and have grown as a person, allowing me to mend a broken relationship in the process. This is like having my own personal life guide."

— Erin

What you get.

Each month you’ll receive a journal aligned with the seasonal and lunar energy, made to deepen your self-connection.


Journal prompts and affirmations, with a new theme to inspire you to explore and express your thoughts and feelings.

A journaling practice that fits into your life, and not the other way around. You can go rogue and do audio journals, thought contemplation on prompts, or any other way that makes it truly yours. Create a routine that actually works for you.



"I've gotten a lot of clarity from this membership, and have been able to make significant changes to my life. So thank you!"

— Julia

woman tossing papers into the air

Why I created the Wisdom Whisper Journaling Membership.

To be honest my journaling journey has had some ups and downs. Although I love to write it's been hard for me to sustain the habit of journaling.

I've been where you are. Tired of random and incohesive attempts to make journaling a habit, journaling with random and generic prompts, that didn't inspire or even motivate me.

I wanted my journaling to be aligned with the way I live, more closely in tune with the cycles of nature, to be a mindfulness tool as well as to bring me on an actual journey that inspires accountability and helps me sustain the habit.

Once I had created this journal for myself, I realized that I could (and should) make this accessible not only for my clients but for everybody and that's how the Wisdom Whisper Journaling membership was born.

You might be thinking... (FAQs)

So my turn to ask a question...

woman sitting on a sofa thinking

Ready to finally take action and join me on a transformation journey?

Then let's do it!

Sign up for as low as under €7 a month! 


The information found in this product is for general information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for a health professional's advice. If you struggle with health issues please seek professional help.