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“I’m fascinated by the fact that Mette has the ability to “catch me” precisely where I am on any given day, and convey exactly what I need on that day.”

“Every time it is a super training. I always look forward to going. It just feels awesome in the body afterward, and I’m so happy I get to train with Mette! “

"Right from the start, I was enthusiastic about the teaching, which hour after hour challenged me in a good way. Mette has an impressive understanding of the body - and that means that she knows exactly how to practice in order to develop further."

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My core values reflect who I am as a person and human being, I expect my clients and members to share my core beliefs.

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About me.

I help women live their best lives. Imagine to finally, be able to manage and release emotional or physical pain through Holistic Healing.

If you struggle with stress, burnout, chronic pain, trauma, or recovery and feel like you have no way to change your situation. I'll help you discover the choices you have, by improving your mind-body connection and rewire old patterns so that you can feel calm and in control.