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My Values & Beliefs.

Effective date/last revision: 12 August 2019


I believe that as a Holistic Coach I 1) have to be clear about what my core values and beliefs are, so that you can make informed decisions about working with me, and 2) uphold and actively implement these values that I feel will make this world a more kind, loving and safe space for us all. Especially values that will make this world more inclusive for humans who are not white, cis-gendered, heterosexual, able-bodied, from a relatively stable family of origin, financially privileged, and largely neurotypical like I am.

My core values reflect who I am as a person and human being, and I expect my clients and members to share these core beliefs. I share my core values below, and invite you to read through them if you are curious and I promise that I will do my best to live by these core beliefs – and if you find that I do not, please just let me know – I love learning.


I appreciate you being here and reading this, and I look forward to continuing to live these values and beliefs out—publicly, messily, and with the ongoing commitment to keep learning and unlearning so that I can live life in the way that I desire.


I am mindful of the fact that our actions have an impact on other people's lives, so accountability is core to my mission, and I trust those I serve to observe the same standards and ethics.



I believe that the diversity of humans is one of our greatest strengths. I work to break down any barrier and ensure that all people, be that gender identity, LGBTQ+, race, religion, culture, or otherwise have the same ability to thrive.


Heart and compassion

I work from the heart with a strong sense of purpose and a passion for a better world and believe that even when we’re doing hard things, we can find love and joy in unexpected places and understand the essential role hope plays in our lives.



I believe that all people should be able to love and marry and spend their time with any other people of any gender identity. Love is the most precious thing we have, and we can never have too much of it in the world.



I find that respect is a cornerstone of living together on this earth. We root ourselves in our shared humanity and must treat each other with kindness and compassion. We’re at our best when we honor the equal dignity and worth of all people.


I know that adversity can build us up instead of tearing us down and that strength and wisdom can be borne out of struggle when also experiencing compassion, guidance, and support. Even in our most challenging moments we can empower each other and heal together.



I believe that we all have the right to decide and choose what happens or doesn’t happen to our bodies. I have always been pro-choice in the abortion debate, but this belief extends into all other areas that include a woman’s/individual's body and being.


I believe that all people, regardless of ability, deserve the support they need to thrive. Whether that means neurodiversity or being differently-abled in any way, personal support, equitable accommodations and any required additional support need to be available in every area of life to support true thriving.



I believe that the diversity of humans is what makes us so amazing and that every single one of us matters. I work to ensure that all people, be that from a minority, black, indigenous, or otherwise have the same ability to thrive. Because of the consistent systemic and historical marginalization of minorities including black and indigenous people. We all need to ensure that all lives are treated equitably.


Learning and Openness

Creating and cultivating a space for engagement, reflection, and personal development is central to my work. As part of that growth process, we must all acknowledge any missteps with humility and lean into our responsibility to learn and evolve.



I believe we are inherently innovative, creative, and courageous in our pursuit of making real and lasting change for Mother Earth and the people living on it, and that it’s our job to hurry up history.



I value the transformative impact of collaboration. By working together, fostering open communication, furthering understanding, and building a caring and supportive environment, we can achieve something bigger than we can alone.

These statements have always been the core of my values, and represent the most accurate representation of my current values and beliefs.

Thank you for reading.