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The Mindful Coloring Guide eBook

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The Mindful Coloring Guide eBook

The Mindful Coloring Guide eBook is a comprehensive introduction to mindful coloring. It covers all the little practical details, introductions to different types of mindfulness focus and activities when coloring as well as providing the framework for turning the simple act of coloring into a profound mindful, creative, and transformative practice.

See product description for details.

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+ Introduction to mindful coloring.

+ Practical coloring tips.

+ Mental health and coloring.

+ Coloring reflection and journal prompts.

and more...

Product Description.

The Mindful Coloring Guide is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to relax and unwind. 

You get to explore the powerful connection between colors and your inner self with over 70 beautiful pages stuffed with insights, tips, and tools for turning the simple task of coloring into a journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and mindfulness.

As you use the special mindfulness techniques, you'll enter a state of calm and concentration, allowing you to tune out distractions and be fully present in the moment.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring more peace and balance into your life through the simple act of coloring. 

Treat yourself or a loved one to The Mindful Coloring Guide and embark on a journey of unexpected ways to use coloring and the finished coloring page for self-exploration.


This guide has something for everyone and is perfect for both adults and teens.

It makes a thoughtful and caring gift for anyone wanting to explore mindfulness in a fun and creative way.

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Why Choose the “The Mindful Coloring Guide”?

Mandala Coloring: Learn about Mandalas and how coloring Mandalas can reduce stress and aid in emotional healing.

Color interpretation: Learn how different colors can evoke specific emotions and energies within you and use this knowledge to create your own personalized coloring experience.

Mindfulness Coloring: Explore the many ways you can create a mindful coloring experience, the different approaches, and their benefits.

Chakras and color relationship: Learn how the energy centers in the body are connected to color + an overview of each chakra and chakra affirmations.

Chakra coloring meditations: Guided visualizations combining the therapeutic benefits of coloring with the power of meditation, resulting in a transformative experience.

Reflection and Journal prompts: Questions and journal prompts to help you process your thoughts and emotions while coloring. Like journaling, but with colors!

The finished coloring page: Mindfulness coloring doesn’t stop when you put your pencil down. Learn how to use your finished coloring page in surprising ways!

Explore what's inside...

What you get with The Mindful Coloring Guide:

  • 70+ pages
  • What is Mandalas
  • Color interpretation
  • Color therapy
  • Mindfulness and coloring
  • Chakras and color
  • Coloring Reflections
  • Coloring Journaling
  • Coloring Meditations
  • And more…


  • PDF eBook

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