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10 Ways a journaling practice can help you.
Have you ever thought about keeping a journal? It's not just for those really good at writing - anyone can do it. Your journal is like your personal stash of thoughts, you do not need to share it with anyone unless you want to spill the beans.Bu...
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woman sitting on stairs thinking
A simple 4 step journal prompt exercise to work through difficult emotions.
Journaling is recognized as a powerful tool for self-reflection and is an excellent way to process emotions. It can offer you a private space where you can express thoughts and feelings without judgment or interruption.I like to use this simple four-...
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Illustration girl journaling at full moon
Easy step-by-step journaling for a full moon.
This is a simple little journaling ritual you can do on or around the full moon every month.It inspires meaningful reflection on your progress of personal growth and allows you to provide structure and focus on continued personal growth.1. Find a qui...
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woman journaling on laptop by a window with a winter landscape
Journaling for Winter – Rest and Relaxation.
As the season of winter wraps us in its chilly embrace, it presents a unique opportunity for rest, relaxation, and introspection. During these quiet, serene months, nature slows down, offering all living beings a chance to recharge their batteries. Y...
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illustration of full moon
A quick guide to the 8 moon phases.
The phases of the moon change over a period of 29.5-30 days every month and represent a full cycle going through 8 different phases. Each phase of the Moon has a unique visual characteristic, different energetic vibrations, meaning, and rhythm affect...
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20 easy ways to get in touch with your inner self by drawing.
As adults, we're often afraid to make mistakes or to be judged for our creative expressions. But drawing can reconnect us with the fearless artists we once were as children. Remember, when expressing yourself through art there are no mistakes, j...
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illustration of woman in meditation
Why balancing the Chakras is important to you!
Although talking about chakras might seem quite esoteric and exotic, they are in fact actual biological areas in your body, and not just an abstract idea.The chakras are central locations in your body where there is a greater concentration of hormone...
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color pencils
10 quick journaling actions to spark creativity.
Journaling, with its unhurried and reflective nature, encourages a mindset of openness, curiosity, and playfulness that is essential for nurturing the seeds of creativity and imagination. With journaling, you have the opportunity to capture fleeting ...
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woman sitting in the garden journaling on laptop
Journaling for Spring - Reflections and Renewal.
As Spring slowly unfolds, take some time to tap into the theme of new beginnings, and renewal.Through the quiet, dark, and cold months of winter, you have had time to relax, restore your energy, and reflect on your journey so far. As spring approache...
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illustration woman amidst several speech bubbles
How to make Soulful driven decisions in your life.
Please note that you can also download a PDF with this blog post at the end of the post!As you go about your daily life you can often allow yourself to be swept away by the demands and expectations of the external world. Amidst this chaos, the art of...
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illustration mandala text swadhyaya
How to incorporate the fourth Niyamas Swadhyaya (self-study) into your life.
NOTE If you just landed on this article please read the first article in this series first: “What can an ancient text called the Yoga Sutras do for you?”This article includes a short introduction to the concept of Swadhyaya + journal prompts + practi...
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people toasting with red wine
10 mindful ways to decrease your alcohol consumption.
Are you thinking of reducing your alcohol consumption? If so, please read on.Reducing alcohol consumption can have numerous benefits for both your physical and mental health, and contribute to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Alcohol is a toxin...
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illustration mandala text yoga sutras
What can an ancient text called the Yoga Sutras do for you?
The Yoga Sutras are not just another spiritual text. This is a text that is at the foundation of the practice of yoga, and instead of being exoteric and immaterial to modern-day life, it is very much relevant and valuable for anyone trying to live a ...
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woman holding her hands in front of her eyes
Are you stressed? – Not sure continue reading!
WHO calls stress the worst health epidemic of the 21st century, so maybe it is time to take stress seriously?I personally don't have a hard time recognizing when I'm stressed. I have some quite distinct bodily reactions that appear when it&...
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