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Energy Healing

Reiki treatment hands on knees
What is Reiki healing?
Reiki is energy healing, related to and in the family with acupuncture, acupressure, sound healing, and traditional Chinese medicine. It can be performed on people, animals, things, and places. It is a holistic treatment method that works on both the...
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multiple crystal stones
9 powerful crystals for emotional health.
Please note that you can also download a FREE PDF with this blog post at the end of the post!Crystals have always been a favorite of mine to work with. There is just something about stones, the heaviness, the feel, and when it comes to crystals the a...
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illustration of the biofield
A guide for skeptics - myths about energy healing.
You have probably heard the words "energy healing" or "sound healing" from time to time. But what exactly is it? And what does that mean? There are as many myths and misunderstandings about energy healing as there are practices for it...
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illustration of woman in meditation
Why balancing the Chakras is important to you!
Although talking about chakras might seem quite esoteric and exotic, they are in fact actual biological areas in your body, and not just an abstract idea.The chakras are central locations in your body where there is a greater concentration of hormone...
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close up woman performing nadi shodhana
A quick fix to balance your nervous system - Nadi Shodhana.
A quick fix to relax and balance your nervous system.There are many popular breathing techniques associated with yoga. Generally, we can divide theminto 3 overall types that can be useful for us when working with nervous system regulation.Exercises t...
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woman with long red hair shaking her head
Here is the tool to lift your spirits.
The tool to lift your mood, relieve depression, and increase your energy level is at your fingertips.Want to know what it is?None of us go through life without, from time to time, experiencing periods where we feel out of balance, down, or just gener...
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creative collage image of person in meditation surrounded by energy
The effects of sound healing on the brain, body and spirit.
As I see it, sound healing offers a direct path to health, tranquility, and improved quality of life by working holistically with the whole body; brain, body, and spirit. Through the power of sound and vibration, singing bowls offer a way to balance ...
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Xray of energy body
Briefly on Energy Medicine, what is it?
If you are curious about what lies behind energy and sound healing, I have just briefly outlined the broad strokes here. There are countless pages on the web where you can read more about energy medicine if you want to delve deeper into it.Energy med...
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illustration mandala text pranayama
How to incorporate Pranayama (breathing exercises) the fourth limb of the Yoga Sutra into your life.
NOTE If you just landed on this article please read the first article in this series first: “What can an ancient text called the Yoga Sutras do for you?” This article includes a short introduction to the principles of Pranayma + journal prompts ...
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illustration crystals and science chart
A quick review of Crystals and Energy healing when it comes to science.
You might be wondering if crystals and energy healing are really a thing, and how and why energy vibrations are emitted from a crystal, a Reiki healer’s hands, or through sound healing and simple activities such as yoga and meditation.So, let’s just ...
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black and white images of Reiki founders
A brief history of Reiki.
During my training for Reiki Master in 2016, I was reading page after page on the history of Reiki.But you don't have to exhaust yourself reading all the books that I did, because here I've created a brief overview of how it all fits togeth...
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Woman sitting in meditation
What is Holistic Health and how can you achieve it?
Holistic health is a health approach that simultaneously addresses the mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual components of health. Holistic health draws from a wide collection of ancient traditions and contemporary practices, as well as ...
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woman performing a breathing practice
A step-by-step guide to the humming breath.
The "Humming Breath" technique, also known as "Bhramari Pranayama", is a calming breathing practice that involves making a humming sound on your exhale. This breathing practice can be used to reduce stress and calm the mind.Benefits o...
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Woman doing a breathing exercise
BOX breathing 4x4 (Sama vritti) exercise.
Sama vritti (box breathing) is a basic Pranayama exercise that, as one of the balancing breath exercises, teaches you to focus on your breath and balance your nervous system.It is a simple exercise with a focus on making your inhalation and exhalatio...
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hands hovering over crystals
Debunking 10 myths about crystal healing.
While crystals have been used for centuries in various cultures for their healing and energetic properties, there are several myths and misconceptions that might deter you from exploring, using, and working with crystals. Most come from a lack of kno...
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woman holding her hands in front of her eyes
Are you stressed? – Not sure continue reading!
WHO calls stress the worst health epidemic of the 21st century, so maybe it is time to take stress seriously?I personally don't have a hard time recognizing when I'm stressed. I have some quite distinct bodily reactions that appear when it&...
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illustration of woman meditating
A powerful exercise for unlocking the unconscious mind.
Please note that you can also download a FREE PDF with this exercise at the end of the post!Being able to decipher what is going on in your body is a prerequisite for personal development and self-discovery. The ability to have introspection (to know...
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illustration of woman holding her hand up
How to say NO to others in order to say YES to yourself: Mastering the art of mindful refusal.
In a world where saying "yes" is often seen as a virtue of having an abundance of energy, the power of "no" is vastly underestimated. The ability to say no to others, to set boundaries, and to prioritize your own needs is not just a f...
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