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close up woman holding phone and laptop on table
5 simple guidelines for taking better breaks at work (to achieve success!).
Let me tell you what the key to success is - Breaks!In a world where the mantra "sleep when you're dead" is worn like a badge of honor, it can be hard to insist on your right to take breaks, both for yourself and for others.Yet, what if ...
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illustration of woman meditating
A powerful exercise for unlocking the unconscious mind.
Please note that you can also download a FREE PDF with this exercise at the end of the post!Being able to decipher what is going on in your body is a prerequisite for personal development and self-discovery. The ability to have introspection (to know...
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woman looking out of a window
5 hidden procrastination triggers and how to mindfully fix them.
I admit it, I am the Queen of procrastination. Which is funny because when I have to, aka is pressed for time, or simply make the decision to do something. I can work nonstop for hours at high intensity and get things done in a very short time. I hav...
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multiple crystal stones
9 powerful crystals for emotional health.
Please note that you can also download a FREE PDF with this blog post at the end of the post!Crystals have always been a favorite of mine to work with. There is just something about stones, the heaviness, the feel, and when it comes to crystals the a...
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woman meditating outdoors on a yoga mat
8 easy ways to make sitting sill in meditation achievable.
The most difficult thing about trying to meditate is to have to sit still. Most people think that quieting the mind is a challenge. But the reality is that you do not need a completely quiet mind to meditate, you need to be present, aware, mindful, w...
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people toasting with red wine
10 mindful ways to decrease your alcohol consumption.
Are you thinking of reducing your alcohol consumption? If so, please read on.Reducing alcohol consumption can have numerous benefits for both your physical and mental health, and contribute to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Alcohol is a toxin...
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illustration of woman in a crowd
3 surprising ways to manage anxiety.
If you struggle with anxiety or panic attacks, you’ve probably already developed self-regulation tools to help you cope whenever you feel that anxiety is starting to rise. Having to cope with anxiety can be draining and exhausting, because you’re oft...
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20 easy ways to get in touch with your inner self by drawing.
As adults, we're often afraid to make mistakes or to be judged for our creative expressions. But drawing can reconnect us with the fearless artists we once were as children. Remember, when expressing yourself through art there are no mistakes, j...
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young woman sitting on the floor in front of a couch meditating
Easy fundamental meditations techniques.
If you're new to meditating and have tried it but can't really get it to work. Then here are a few good ways in which you can ensure a greater degree of success when trying to meditate for the first time. Meditation is about opening up and ...
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illustration of woman holding her hand up
How to say NO to others in order to say YES to yourself: Mastering the art of mindful refusal.
In a world where saying "yes" is often seen as a virtue of having an abundance of energy, the power of "no" is vastly underestimated. The ability to say no to others, to set boundaries, and to prioritize your own needs is not just a f...
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woman holding her hands in front of her eyes
Are you stressed? – Not sure continue reading!
WHO calls stress the worst health epidemic of the 21st century, so maybe it is time to take stress seriously?I personally don't have a hard time recognizing when I'm stressed. I have some quite distinct bodily reactions that appear when it&...
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woman performing a breathing practice
A step-by-step guide to the humming breath.
The "Humming Breath" technique, also known as "Bhramari Pranayama", is a calming breathing practice that involves making a humming sound on your exhale. This breathing practice can be used to reduce stress and calm the mind.Benefits o...
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illustration woman amidst several speech bubbles
How to make Soulful driven decisions in your life.
Please note that you can also download a PDF with this blog post at the end of the post!As you go about your daily life you can often allow yourself to be swept away by the demands and expectations of the external world. Amidst this chaos, the art of...
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woman stretching and smiling
A quick and easy technique to reduce stress.
Did you know that humming is an easy and quick way to calm yourself when you’re feeling stressed?Before we go any further, I have to be upfront about something here. I can’t stand to listen to other people humming or whistling out in public. Although...
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illustration mandala text yoga sutras
What can an ancient text called the Yoga Sutras do for you?
The Yoga Sutras are not just another spiritual text. This is a text that is at the foundation of the practice of yoga, and instead of being exoteric and immaterial to modern-day life, it is very much relevant and valuable for anyone trying to live a ...
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Woman sitting in meditation
What is Holistic Health and how can you achieve it?
Holistic health is a health approach that simultaneously addresses the mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual components of health. Holistic health draws from a wide collection of ancient traditions and contemporary practices, as well as ...
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Hands kneeing dough
What you do today affects your tomorrow.
To be honest, I wasn't quite ready to think the big philosophical thoughts, the day I stood in my kitchen with my hands deep in a bun of dough and read the above on a bag of organic wheat flour, that was on the table in front of me. But it still...
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mala beads laying on a wooden surface
How to use mālā beads.
As you dive into mindfulness and yoga, you might encounter this thing called mālā beads. It’s a very useful tool within mindfulness and the yogic tradition. If you’re curious to learn more about mālā beads and their proper use, read on to find out ho...
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illustration woman sitting crossed legged in meditation on a yoga mat
Meditation and the effect on your sleep.
Regardless of the time of day, the benefits of meditation are many and range from physical and mental to health and emotional. From improved focus to lower stress levels, meditation is an incredibly effective practice that can transform your life.Sle...
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woman with long red hair shaking her head
Here is the tool to lift your spirits.
The tool to lift your mood, relieve depression, and increase your energy level is at your fingertips.Want to know what it is?None of us go through life without, from time to time, experiencing periods where we feel out of balance, down, or just gener...
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illustration of woman in meditation
Why balancing the Chakras is important to you!
Although talking about chakras might seem quite esoteric and exotic, they are in fact actual biological areas in your body, and not just an abstract idea.The chakras are central locations in your body where there is a greater concentration of hormone...
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woman sitting in the garden journaling on laptop
Journaling for Spring - Reflections and Renewal.
As Spring slowly unfolds, take some time to tap into the theme of new beginnings, and renewal.Through the quiet, dark, and cold months of winter, you have had time to relax, restore your energy, and reflect on your journey so far. As spring approache...
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woman doing yoga on the beach
What is yoga?
Yoga is many things, according to Patanjali yoga sutra's 8 limbs of yoga there are 8 parts to a yoga practice; Yamas – external instructions on how to interact with other people, Niyamas – internal instructions on how to manage your own life, As...
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woman stretching in a sofa
Your personal yoga practice.
There is a reason I often refer to yoga as a "practice", practicing yoga is an opportunity to practice some of the qualities we want to see more of in our lives. Sometimes yoga is practiced to work on patience, clarity, or courage. Other time...
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